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Olivia Marcu-Iordănescu

Here’s what you will get from your FREE Legal Strategy Session:

A blueprint for your legal path to your business success.

We start by looking at where you are right now in your business and then design a smart plan that will support you in accomplishing your ideal business goals.

I am also going to share with you my signature method that helped my clients:

  1. Start Their Business Successfully
  2. Operate Their Business Within a Simplified Structure
  3. Innovate & Be Protected At The Same Time in Their Business
  4. Altogether Transform The Way They Do Business, in a Simple & Efficient Way

Because you & I both know, together we can get there

Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m an Attorney-at-law known for leading strategic investment projects and portfolios for 14+ years. I am specialized in Digital & Technology Law, and 8+ Figure High-Performing Multi-Preneurs have sought my help to:

  • Streamline Their Legal Processes To Support Their Business’ Growth
  • Get 8+ Figure Funding For Their Business or Project
  • Monetize Their Legal Assets
  • Overcome Regulatory & Compliance Hurdles
  • Timely Accomplish Their Business Projects or KPIs
  • Find The Proper Balance Between Business And Legal

Without legal mumbo-jumbo, bureaucracy or exorbitant legal costs.

I used to be a corporate martyr, by the way. I worked non-stop, long hours, at night, weekends and even on holidays. I spent as little as two-hours in the evening with my kids and this was to prep them for bedtime.

I had a relationship with my clients, not with my husband, kids or other members of my family.

Then, one day at the office, my manager told me he knows the legal department is struggling, but I’m on my own. For him it’s not a priority. I exploded. I wanted to grab him by the neck and call him the A… word! Instead…

I told my husband it’s my time! We moved to another country, and I started a self-growth journey, working with mentors and taking 2 years off to learn to communicate (especially my professional frustrations), find my self-expression, discover and own my leadership.

I said goodbye to a successful Head of Legal role and promised myself I would help as many clients as I can to streamline their legal processes.

Today I work with IT&C entrepreneurs making an impact all over the world.

“Within as little as 6 months she and her team were up to speed with everything in our business, and what was once a long never-ending list of legal issues became almost non-existent.

She was a part of the integration team that had the task to make the business transition as smooth as possible.

Before hiring her, there was no one handling the legal affairs. Her mandate was to assemble an in-house legal team that could provide immediate and medium-term support.

Hiring her did not just provide an efficient in-house legal team, but she also implemented fast solutions in the middle of a critical period for the business. She helped us stabilize and integrate a newly purchased company, which opened the doors for a fast integration to the rest of the group .

When it comes to international business development, you want to have someone like Olivia on your side: someone who has an objective legal opinion, even though it’s not the most comfortable.”

Uroš Simović, 

International Business Development, Superbet

Be a badass business owner, who invests in the right stuff for their business!

I needed contracts for my corporate and private clients, team members, social media contracts, data protection agreements, website & cookie policies, professional liability insurance.


Olivia helped me negotiate with my corporate client and create the right legal processes for my business. She has quickly gained my trust, as my legal advisor and now I and my business are legally protected, and I feel assured that I have competent and trusted legal advice at reach.


Working with Olivia is an absolute no-brainer if you are a business owner or corporation, and want peace of mind, security and confidence!

Meera Remani,

Leadership Coach, PCC ICF

“For Peace Of Mind Hire Olivia!

We strongly recommend her: she is knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly. A true professional! Thanks to working with her we could launch our clothing brand knowing that our brand name and logo are protected by trademark.

We didn’t want to spend time going over the application, figuring out what classes to choose, what sections to fill out, what answers to give, etc.

She answered all our questions, and we were confident that the application would be done right. We did not expect to run into problems. If we were to run into problems, we were confident that she would solve them on our behalf. If solving those problems would have been impossible, we knew that she would have provided us with an explanation as to why the application was rejected.

We believe that this is how everyone should embark on a new venture.”

Irina Moreno & Zuzana Mandic,

Founders, 3WLABEL™


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