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“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

As lawyers, we are highly trained, highly skilled and high performing individuals, producing impactful results for our clients and in our lives. And even though the legal profession comes with a lot of personal and professional satisfaction, prestige, respect, and a comfortable income, from my experience working and interacting with my fellow attorneys, other legal professionals and mentees throughout the years, something may still be missing. What may be missing is typically one of the following things (or a combination thereof):

Any sense of work-life balance

Freedom to choose the projects you are passionate about

A deep connection between what you stand for as a lawyer and the results you’re producing

The recognition that you deserve

If we as Lawyers continue to be focused on getting more clients and delivering for them or their business or project the results that they want, by acquiring more legal expertise or enhancing the one we already have in our arsenal, by focusing on results, on the output of our work and delivering to clients, rather than looking on the inside, at what is important to us as human beings, then we will be more and more adrift from what really matters to us and our lives, and we will feel more and more disconnected from our work and the contribution we make through it.

Welcome to – Professional Coach!

This is a space that I have created for you and me to find, nurture and fulfil our passions within the legal profession and outside of it, in our private lives, through my method of coaching, combined with years of professional experience as attorney-at-law and mentoring. My mission is to enable you like legal professionals to fulfil what is important to you as individuals, Leading the way for all society, with Authenticity, Integrity and Community.


“What I got out of my participation in 5 one-on-cone coaching sessions with Olivia was that my passion for Justice and Fundamental Values can go beyond any Professional Obstacles, and that it is Possible for me to Overcome those Obstacles through Exercise and Self-Growth.
In the coaching program with Olivia I worked on my personal and professional performance, in particular regarding my law practice.
Through clarity exercises and the conversations lead by her on key topics, I learned how to look closer at what is truly important to me, in order to define consciously who I am as an attorney, and as a human being, and how to act consistently and continuously in accordance with what matters to me.
I got that my Performance is impacted by my way of being, which translates into everything I do.”

Mihaela Anghel


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