“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

What is Masterminds?

I never pretend as I know; on the contrary, I start with what I don’t know! 😊 It’s a discovery and I am never going to stop learning new things along the way. 

Olivia Iordanescu


Through Masterminds, we explore together topics of interest for attorneys and law firms, bring our own individual perspectives and inquire into what is possible, with the aim of creating new solutions that were previously unavailable. Masterminds are a great way of learning and discovering new things together, with the aim of finding and creating unexpected and legal innovative solutions; a Forum for Creativity and Goodwill. If you are interested in how this works, what kind of topics can be approached and what sort of benefits and results can be produced out of participating in a Mastermind, or if you simply need a facilitator for creating a specific result through a Mastermind, contact me and we will create the Mastermind Together!

Interested? Work with me!

It’s never too late to discover the new you