Professional Coaching

What is Professional Coaching for Lawyers?

Professional Coaching is for Lawyers and Legal Professionals who work either in-house (in a law firm or legal department) or on their own and who want to:

  • Elevate their Performance
  • Increase their Personal and Professional Accomplishment
  • Acquire New Skills that are Necessary for Success

Why would lawyers need coaching?

Simply to:

  • Help Clarify Professional Goals
  • Create an Action Plan for Fulfilling those Goals
  • Act as a Sounding Board, Resource, and Accountability Partner
  • Identify any Roadblocks that are Preventing Success

What Professional Coaching is Not

  • Consultancy – a professional coach will not give advice, opinions, tell you what you can or cannot do, or provide solutions. There is no pre-set, generally applicable “5-step plan” or “6 secrets to success”
  • Therapy – professional coaching is not based in or in any way related to psychology, but rather in transformational learning, in a methodology developed by worldwide leaders of personal and professional growth training programs, combined with 14 years of professional experience in the International legal industry
  • Lecture – there are no theory sessions, presentations, and you are not required to understand anything, take notes, study or learn materials about personal growth and development, or anything else for that matter

Why Professional Coaching?

Being results-oriented as a lawyer or legal professional is not enough to get you those results in your career. I say this from experience. Sometimes, it is so clear to me what I need to do in order to achieve the results my client wants that I get extremely excited about their case. And then somewhere along the way something happens, that puts me completely off track. So, this could be one reason why you would want to seek professional coaching: to help you deal powerfully with any breakdowns or meltdowns or circumstances which arise in your client’s case or even in your life, that have an impact on your performance, and as a consequence, on your professional satisfaction or self-worth.

Cause a Shift in Career

Perhaps start your own law firm, or make a switch from working in house to being autonomous, to even go from being a lawyer on a completely new journey (who knows?!)

Elevate Your Career or Performance

Take it to the next level: whether it is a new role or partnering up to grow your law practice or asking for a raise, or creating a different compensation package that is more aligned with your experience, and that reflects more accurately your contribution in the firm or company

Discover a New Way of Communicating

With peers, partners, team members, clients, authorities, etc. including and most importantly in Negotiating and Promoting Yourself and Your Clients’ Interests, Creating and Promoting a New Project or Cause.

When to start Professional Coaching?

Real professional satisfaction takes planning, discipline, and hard work. At times (if not most of the times) working as a lawyer or legal professional becomes a vicious cycle in which in order to be successful, have more clients, or money, or the recognition that you deserve, you work harder, trying to get more done, so you can deal with more cases, be more performant, and so on. The line between personal and professional life becomes blurry to non-existent. And even more so in the current context or remote working!

Olivia Iordanescu


But the truth is many of us do not take the time to reflect on what is important to us; others do not know how to take action or take it consistently in order to achieve their goals; others have trouble balancing private life and work or make any room for anything else… this is where a professional coach can make a difference!

And try as you might, no matter how many books or blogs you read about it, or how many more legal training or legal programs you undertake or graduate, it is not going to make a difference! Firstly, because having more knowledge does not help on getting into action. Lawyers are extremely smart, walking encyclopedias for what we know; still, does it get us the results we want in life? Secondly, because they do not teach you in (law) school how to be a performer in life; to get the results you want. What is going to make a difference is to get professional coaching!

So, the real question to ask yourself is: how important is your career to you? When would you like to get out of the vicious cycle you’re in?

And if the answer is Now! then take the first step on your transformational journey by calling and scheduling an initial 45-minute coaching session with me, where we look at what you want to achieve and how to get there. This initial session is free, what follows is … Your Future!

Interested? Work with me!

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