Who I am & What I do

Professional Coach and Mentor for Lawyers

14 Years of Experience as International and European Legal Counsel for Multijurisdictional Corporations, Leading Teams and Diversified Projects and Portfolios, combined with Advanced Training in Performance, Communication and Leadership. 

I provide training, mentoring and coaching for legal professionals who want to grow and develop themselves, to identify and/or rekindle with their passion for the legal profession, to define and clarify their professional goals, and support them to fulfil them.

Project Leader

I lead complex legal projects externally for business owners so that they can fulfil their business goals. The complexity may stem from the multijurisdictional aspects of their business project, but also from the value or exposure of the project or transaction, or the resources available for realizing those goals (people, time, technology).

Legal Educator

My mission is to educate business owners on essential legal aspects of their business, to help them understand when it is the right time to dedicate legal resources to their business, the type of legal resources appropriate for their level of growth in their business (in house or external, type of expertise, technology, or a combination thereof), and to help them monetize on their legal spend. In other words, to help entrepreneurs and business owners understand that the Legal part of their business can be an Opportunity and an Investment in the Future of their Business, the Starting Point of What is Possible for their Vision.

Olivia Iordanescu


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